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Advancing the iBOL agenda

The overarching goal of iBOL is to build a comprehensive DNA barcode library and to develop the instruments and informatics tools needed to apply barcode technology to real-world problems. The project's research and administrative activities are being undertaken by 26 Working Groups organized under six themes:

Theme 1: DNA Barcode Library

Focusing on eukaryote species that are endangered, of particular socio-economic importance or used in environmental assessment as the barcode library expands to cover 500,000 species and five million specimens by 2015.

Theme 2: Methods and Technologies

Developing protocols that will extend the horizons of barcode analysis.

Theme 3: Informatics

Supporting the ongoing development of the Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD).

Theme 4: Coordination

Ensuring that project goals are met, funding commitments are kept and achievements are noticed.

mini-ge3lsTheme 5: GE3LS

Focusing on the Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social aspects of the iBOL research program.



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