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GlobalQBOL EPPO Conference on DNA barcoding and diagnostic methods for plant pests


Haarlem, NL

A joint conference on plant pest DNA barcoding and diagnostic methods for plant pests will be organized by QBOL (Quarantine Organisms Barcode of Life) and the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) from May 21-25 in Haarlem, Netherlands.

QBOL is a three-year project (2009-2012) funded under the 7th Framework Program of the European Union. QBOL seeks to generate DNA barcode information for vouchered specimens of quarantine pests. The DNA sequence will form the basis of a publically available, searchable, web accessible database.

The Conference will be organized into different session covering different disciplines (bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes, phytoplasmas, and viruses) where QBOL outcomes will be presented as well as other diagnostic methods.

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