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The Organization of the iBOL Team

iBOL Organizational ChartiBOL is a not-for-profit Corporation whose Board consists of three senior staff from Genome Canada.

The Board has appointed a Research Oversight Committee (ROC) whose members are knowledgeable in the program areas but independent of iBOL. The ROC presents recommendations to the Project.

The Scientific Director, Dr. Paul Hebert, is responsible for scientific oversight of iBOL.

The Project Manager, hosted by the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph, is responsible for organizing reports and communications related to iBOL milestones, for tracking iBOL finances, and ensuring that iBOL policies are followed.

The International Scientific Collaboration Committee (ISCC) assists and advises the Scientific Director on overall research plans and deliverables. The ISCC includes members drawn from nations with funded projects linked to iBOL.

The research activities of iBOL are largely focussed on six theme areas: DNA Barcode Library, Methods, Informatics, Technologies, Administration and GE3LS.



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