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GlobalWG 1.11 – Barcoding Biotas


Chair: Christopher Meyer,
National Museum of Natural History,
Washington D.C., USA

Vice-chair: Sarah Adamowicz,
University of Guelph, Canada

This initiative will assemble barcode libraries providing comprehensive coverage for all eukaryote species at single sites, contrasting with other iBOL efforts that focus on particular taxonomic groups. This work will lead to protocols enabling the barcode registration of entire biotic assemblages, providing the insights needed for the second phase of iBOL to create a barcode library for all eukaryotes.

The most comprehensive investigations will be carried out at Moorea, an isolated Pacific island, and at Churchill in the Canadian low Arctic. Both locales share low biodiversity (no more than 10,000 species), have barcode projects underway, and possess research stations. In addition, broad inventories will be conducted on other sites of importance to nations participating in iBOL.

Barcode 10,000 species from Moorea and Churchill

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