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SSC Representative

  • Paul Skelton
  • South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity

SSC Alternate

  • Michelle van der Bank
  • University of Johannesburg

Node Coordinator


To establish a node of iBOL in South Africa to ensure that barcoding becomes accessible as an identification tool within SA, through driving barcoding of strategic components of biodiversity, promoting and coordinating barcoding activities nationally, ensuring that appropriate capacity is available to enable the achievement of the vision, and contributing to the achievement of the iBOL goals.

1. To develop and implement a co-ordinated communication and stakeholder engagement programme around barcoding in SA.

  • 1a. Compilation and updating of all relevant information to facilitate co-ordination of barcoding activities, and to make this information widely accessible.
  • 1b. To provide information about barcoding and its application to all stakeholders.

2. To identify procedures, processes and legal requirements for the flow of barcoding information from sample collection to application.
3. To develop and implement a co-ordinated programme to identify focus taxa / locations / applications for barcoding actions (aligned with global programmes but addressing also specific needs of South Africa).
4. To enable the implementation of the barcoding workflow through developing appropriate capacity.
5. To identify research and technology gaps and needs, and to contribute to addressing these (including aspects of sample collection, processing, analyses and databasing).
6. To secure adequate funding to allow the achievement of the goals.



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