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Providing strategic direction on research

TDAGThe mandate of the Research Oversight Committee (ROC) is to report to the Funders on the progress being made by the Project and make recommendations regarding continued funding as well as to provide advice and guidance to the research team to help ensure that the Project achieves its stated objectives and milestones.

To accomplish its mandate the ROC:
1. Monitors quarterly milestones and assesses the progress being made by the Project.
2. Review proposed scientific, GE3LS or management changes to the Project and make recommendations to the Funders regarding approval.
3. Provide strategic advice to the Project team on approaches and directions to aid the Project in achieving its high level objectives.
4. Reviews the implementation and effectiveness of the Project’s management plan and make recommendations aimed at improving management of the.
5. Identifies issues related to Data Release, GE3LS, Intellectual Property (IP), translation and commercialization of technologies, outcomes and deliverables that arise from the Project, where appropriate.

Research Oversight Committee


JohnMcPherson-smallJohn McPherson (chair)
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Area of Expertise: Genomics


Vivien BonazziVivien Bonazzi
National Human Genome Research Institute, Maryland
Area of Expertise: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics


Gary BorisyGary Borisy
Marine Biological Laboratory, Massachusetts
Area of Expertise: Molecular Cell Biology


Mike BrufordMike Bruford
Cardiff School of Biosciences, Wales
Area of Expertise: Biodiversity / Genetic


John KellyJohn Kelly
Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers’ Association, Canada
Area of Expertise: End User / Applications


Paul ThompsonPaul Thompson
Michigan State University, Michigan
Area of Expertise: GE3LS


Ben ChalmersBen Chalmers
Mining Association of Canada
Area of Expertise: Mining



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