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To generate 25,000 barcodes per year, divided over CBS (13,000) and NCBN (12,000).

The Netherlands has seen considerable DNA barcoding activity with large infrastructure proposals to NWO as early as 2005, a fungal DNA barcoding type strains program set up at CBS in 2006, active participation in CBOL and setting up ECBOL (coordinated from CBS), and organizing and hosting ECBOL 1, a highly successful meeting aimed at organizing and optimizing funding opportunities for DNA barcoding at the European level.

The Leiden-based NCB Naturalis started a DNA barcoding program in 2010 focussing on Dutch flora and fauna as well as on Dutch taxonomic expertise.

The international barcoding campaign QBOL, targeting all quarantine species, is coordinated by Peter Bonants at PRI Wageningen, and may well see a follow-up.

NBOL (Netherlands Barcode of Life) provides a platform for organizing and streamlining DNA barcoding initiatives in The Netherlands, although it chooses to let barcoding programmes develop in individual Dutch institutes first.

NBOL's mission therefore involves:

  • • Concerted contribution to proposals for national large-scale DNA barcoding facilities.
  • • Providing a platform for interested potential users and generators of DNA barcoding in The Netherlands.
  • • Securing effective embedding in international DNA barcoding initiatives, i.e. avoid re-inventing our own national barcoding wheels.
  • • Engaging with national amateur taxonomist communities in order to obtain additional Dutch specimens.




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