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Madagascar study finds 40 new reptiles

DNA barcoding provides a clear advantage for conservation A DNA barcoding study targeting the entire reptile fauna of the biodiversity hotspot of Madagascar identified over 40 new species of snakes, skinks, chameleons and geckos. Using a newly developed set of reptile-specific primers for COI, the research team from Brussels, Munich and Brunswick compared gene sequences […]

40 new reptile species found on Madagascar

– 40 new reptile species – PLoS One paper

Rajemison Balsama

Madagascar alternate Director, Madagascar Biodiversity Center, Antanarivo, Madagascar Email:


National Node SSC Representative Brian Fisher California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco SSC Alternate Rajemison Balsama Madagascar Biodiversity Center, Antanarivo Goals Coordinate, facilitate, and encourage ongoing research project in Madagascar to incorporate barcoding. Train local scientists in barcoding methods. Activities Organization Funding Plan Core Facilities Projects and Researchers

Brian Fisher

Madagascar representative Vice-chair, WG1.9 – Terrestrial Bio-surveillance Associate Curator and Chair of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco Web: Brian Fisher’s Profile Email:


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