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  • Establishing Germany as European core nation in the support of iBOL
  • Germany has a strong tradition of major global-scale collections and taxonomic research, especially in entomology which plays a key role in iBOL. Thus Germany may provide a major contribution to iBOL by bringing into the project expertise and large numbers of vouchers. These competence centres will take profit from the molecular data for spin-off research projects. Germany is ready to build up networks and major facilities for DNA barcoding and related research in both zoology and botany by:
  • 1. Showing up exemplary ways and strategies for European countries to make a major contribution to iBOL and the construction of global DNA libraries.
  • 2. Motivation and mobilization of partners for iBOL in Germany and neighbouring countries.
  • 3. Fund-raising, application for DNA barcoding programmes and projects, lobbying and informing decision-makers in funding agencies and ministries.
  • 4. Building up large-scale 'Biodiversity Sequencing Centres' ('Biodiversatrons') with high-throughput sequencing facilities for DNA barcoding (Bonn: Zoology, Berlin: Botany)
  • 5. Establishing 'Competence Centres for Biodiversity Genomics' which (a) provide, strengthen and teach taxonomical expertise, (b) trace, provide, curate and analyze suitable collection material for the construction of global DNA libraries and (c) perform spin-off research, e.g. in Biodiversity research, phylogeny, DNA-taxonomy, ecology, evolutionary biology (Munich with focus on Entomology, Fauna of Europe)
  • 6. Supporting research projects for generating data (e.g. lead of iBOL Lepidoptera), improving and innovating the techniques (e.g. ABA) and spin-off research projects from generated iBOL data (e.g. Fauna Bavarica)
  • 7. Establishing a BOLD-mirror in Germany
  • 8. DNA Bank facilities for long-term-storage of DNA aliquots, extractions and tissues
  • 9. Capacity building and training




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