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Barcode library for fishes, molluscs and mayflies

European researchers have begun building an online voucher-based DNA barcoding reference system for the continent's freshwater fishes, molluscs and mayflies.

Covering an area from the Canary Islands and Portugal in the west to the Ural mountains in the east and using available and freshly collected material, the FREDIE project (Freshwater Diversity Identification for Europe) aims to:

    • Create a DNA barcode reference library for Europe's freshwater biodiversity based on multiple individuals per species covering all major European drainages. Only sequences linked to publically available voucher specimens, deposited in a network of collections and identified by profiled experts will be considered.
    • Identify problematic taxa that cannot be identified unambiguously with the classical COI region and test alternative molecular markers for those species.
    • Include associated morphological characters in the identification system to assist the identification process where applicable and necessary.

Along with the identification system, the FREDIE data portal will also feature links to new publications about European freshwater diversity and up-to-date checklists of valid species of European freshwater fishes (about 600 species), freshwater molluscs (except Hydrobiidae; about 260 species) and mayflies about 380 species).

FREDIE's core partner institutes are Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Koenig (ZFMK) in Bonn, Museum für Naturkunde (MFN) and Leibniz Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (IGB), both in Berlin.

The project is coordinated by three ZFMK researchers Fabian Herder. Matthias Geiger and Jörg Freyhof.

Bernhard Misof and his team from the newly formed Zentrum für molekulare Biodiversitätsforschung (ZMB) at ZFMK will provide technical support for the project's identification features.

Work package coordinators are:
Fish: Jörg Freyhof (ZFMK, IGB) and Matthias Geiger.
Molluscs: Matthias Glaubrecht, Thomas von Rintelen and Katharina Kurzrock.
Mayflies: Michael T. Monaghan and Sereina Rutschmann (IGB).

The FREDIE data portal will be maintained by ZFMK. New sequence data will be submitted to the International Nucleotide Sequence Database (INSDC) and integration with Barcode of Life Date Systems (BOLD) is planned.

Geo-referenced data will be made publically available through the BioFresh data portal to other initiatives such as GBIF, FaunaEuropea, LifeWatch, Fishbase and Encyclopedia of Life.

FREDIE is funded by the Leibniz Association Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation.


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