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Madagascar study finds 40 new reptiles

DNA barcoding provides a clear advantage for conservation A DNA barcoding study targeting the entire reptile fauna of the biodiversity hotspot of Madagascar identified over 40 new species of snakes, skinks, chameleons and geckos. Using a newly developed set of reptile-specific primers for COI, the research team from Brussels, Munich and Brunswick compared gene sequences […]

A new weapon in the fight against illegal logging

DNA Barcoding of tropical woods Dirk Steinke Illegal logging is on the ­increase world wide with a focus on rare and protected tree species. Criminal gangs fell the trees to satisfy an international black market for the wood. It is a lucrative business for the loggers, e.g. the wood for a single violin bow is […]

Fish Barcoding Workshop

Tiruchirappalli, India A national level Training cum Workshop on “DNA Barcoding of Fish and Marine Life – Molecular Analysis and Bioinformatics Approaches” will be held September 12-14 at the Department of Marine Science, Bharathidasan University. The course, organized by Dr. R. Rajaram, will be useful for teachers/researchers working in Biodiversity Conservation. – Workshop Brochure – […]

Cláudio Oliveira

Brazil representative Biosciences Institute Universidade Estadual Paulista São Paulo, Brazil Email:

New tools for tracking a voracious pest

  – Tracking; the Russian wheat aphid with DNA barcodes – Full story: Barcoding Insects to Control Them (PDF)

Barcoding Insects to Control Them

  – Barcoding Insects to Control Them (PDF) – Web version

40 new reptile species found on Madagascar

– 40 new reptile species – PLoS One paper

Philippines adopts DNA barcoding for fish species

  – Philippines adopts DNA barcoding in fish species

QBOL EPPO Conference on DNA barcoding and diagnostic methods for plant pests

Haarlem, NL A joint conference on plant pest DNA barcoding and diagnostic methods for plant pests will be organized by QBOL (Quarantine Organisms Barcode of Life) and the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) from May 21-25 in Haarlem, Netherlands. QBOL is a three-year project (2009-2012) funded under the 7th Framework Program of the […]

Plant DNA speaks English, identifies new species

  – Plant DNA speaks English, identifies new species – Publication in PhytoKeys


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