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Top 10 Publications

Top 10 DNA Barcoding publications 2012 (Jan-Sep) Measured using Publish or Perish. Metrics are largely based on Google Scholar ranking and journal access statistics.   1. Schoch CL, Seifert KA, Huhndorf S, Robert V, Spouge JL, Levesque CA, Chen W, Consortium FB (2012)Nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region as a universal DNA barcode marker […]

Barcoding Bibliography

Review the primary literature For more than a decade, members of the DNA barcoding community have made prodigious contributions to the scientific literature. Most of those publications are listed here, organized alphabetically and by year of publication. [If you know of DNA barcoding publications that are not listed here, please send the citation to]. […]

Research roundup

Some recent publications about DNA barcoding Darwin’s butterflies? Spectacular species radiation in the Caribbean In one of the first taxonomic revisions of Neotropical butterflies that uses DNA barcoding, Andrei Sourakov (University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History) and Evgeny Zakharov (University of Guelph, Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding) uncovered a spectacular degree of evolutionary […]

8.7 million species . . .who cares?

New estimate prompts different reactions Eight million, seven hundred thousand species (give or take 1.3 million). That’s the new estimate of the total number of species on Earth, based on an “innovative, validated analytical technique” that dramatically narrows the range of previous estimates (5-100 million). The study, published by PLoS Biology, prompted different reactions from […]

What’s in your teabag?

Students’ barcode probe reveals unlisted ingredients Take another look at that cup of tea. Three New York City high school students used DNA barcoding to discover that several herbal brews and a few brands of tea contain ingredients unlisted on the manufacturers’ package. The teenagers also discovered genetic variation between broad-leaf teas exported from India […]

PLoS One launches Mexico City Collection

Proceedings of third international conference The third International Barcode of Life Conference, held in Mexico City in 2009, witnessed an explosion of new applications of DNA barcoding across a rapidly expanding range of fields. The new PLoS ONE collection, Proceedings of the Third International Barcode of Life Conference, Mexico City, includes a selection of articles […]

iBOL Project Interim Review

Progress report to December 31, 2010 Full Report – PDF 20MB I. Cover Page and Table of Contents II. Team Members III. Executive Summary IV. Progress for Each Major Activity IVa. Issues Raised at the Time of the Initial ICI Review V. GE3LS Research Progress VI. Research Contributions VII. Benefits for Canada VIII. Governance and […]


Changes announced at iBOL
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