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Barcode Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 3 – October 2015

CONTENTS: Metabarcoding the Ocean (Feature) | Sixth International Barcode of Life Conference | Investigating the Medicinal Properties of Honey | Continental-scale Assessment of Avian Diversification | Barcoding Reveals High Diversity in the Head Louse | Research Network Launched | What is Behind Deep Intraspecific Barcode Splits? | Survey of Traditional Medicinal Bulbs Traded at a […]

Barcoding Life – Highlights Report 2015

This report highlights the ongoing efforts of iBOL participant countries in technology, education, publication, community, and discovery. Download the full size PDF (6.4 MB)        

Barcode Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 2 – June 2015

CONTENTS: Barcoding Feather Mites (Feature) | Sixth International Barcode of Life Conference | Barcoding Earthworms from Ecotoxicological Test Laboratories | Barcoding Landed Me in Prison on Robben Island | DNA Barcoding for Research-based Learning | Comprehending the Molecular Signatures of Pencilfishes | Unraveling Ecological Interactions of Steppic Plants and Beetles | Identifying Tarantula Endoparasitoids through […]

Barcode Bulletin Vol. 6, No. 1 – March 2015

CONTENTS: The School Butterfly Project Malaysia (Feature) | Analyzing Marine Predator Diets of the Iroise Sea | Sixth International Barcode of Life Conference | Investigating the Trophic Ecology of African Fin-eating Fishes | “BEETLEMANIA”, a Comprehensive Barcode Database | Governmental Seafood Inspection Program Employs Barcoding | Barcoding the Deadliest Animals on Earth | Barcoding the […]

Barcode Bulletin Vol. 5, No. 4 – December 2014

CONTENTS: Barcoding New Zealand Spiders (Feature) | ISCC 2014 Meeting: Planning the Future of iBOL | Blue Planet Prize Presented to Daniel Janzen | The 6th International Barcode of Life Conference | Building Peru’s National DNA Barcoding Expertise | Pollen DNA Barcoding Using Next-Generation Sequencing | Data Release Furthers the Reach of DNA Barcoding | […]

Barcode Bulletin Vol. 5, No. 3 – September 2014

CONTENTS: German Barcode of Life (Feature) | A Challenging Experiment for the Average Newbie | DNA Barcoding for Authentication of Egyptian Fish Fillets | Integrative Approach to Species Delimitation in Eurytomidae | Finding the Bird that Dispersed the Seeds | Barcoding True Bugs of Germany | Unravelling a Mutualistic Ant-Homopteran-Microbe Network | Reconstructing the Diet […]

Barcode Bulletin Vol. 5, No. 2 – July 2014

CONTENTS: The 2014 Ontario Bioblitz (Feature) | The Riddle of the “Mystery Meat” | Barcoding a Trendy Natural Sweetener | New Zealand’s Extinct Moa | Barcoding Endangered African Orchids | Exploring Communities with DNA Barcoding | Barcoding the Bats of Malaysia | Vegetation Surveys with DNA Barcoding | Barcoding Proturans of Austria | Insect Diversity […]

Barcode Bulletin Vol. 5, No. 1 – March 2014

CONTENTS: DIY Barcoding (Editorial) | Identifying Medicinal Plant Roots in Trade | Barcoding Blackfly Museum Specimens | Dissecting the Food Webs of the Far North | Quagga Mussel Invasion of Western Europe | Official Launch of NorBOL | Barcoding Spiders of Churchill, Manitoba | The Public Face of DNA Barcoding | Barcoding in a Community […]

Barcode Bulletin Vol. 4, No. 2 – December 2013

CONTENTS: Ten Years of DNA Barcoding (Editorial) | NorBOL Receives Infrastructure Grant | DNA Barcoding Contributions to IPBES | iBOL Colombia Advances | Honduran Malaise Trap Program | Barcoding Butterflies of Tropical Southeast Asia | Barcoding Bees from the South West Pacific | Barcoding Protists | BIObus 2013 Expedition | Flexible Ecology | Metabarcoding of […]

Barcode Bulletin Vol. 4, No. 1 – October 2013

CONTENTS: Welcome Letter from Kunming Conference Chair | Kunming Plenary Discussion | Kunming Conference Schedule | New and Noteworthy (Recent News) | Education and Barcode of Life (eBOL) | The School Malaise Trap Program | San Diego Biodiversity Project | Who Ray?! | Preserving DNA for Successful Barcoding | Barcoding a Natural History Collection | Turbotaxonomy | Top 10 Barcoding Publications […]


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