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Symposium in Norway

Norway’s first national symposium on biodiversity and DNA barcoding was held in Trondheim from November 11 to 12, 2015.   Read more


Education and Barcode of Life (eBOL) Community Web Portal launched Read more Check it out

40 new reptile species found on Madagascar

A major DNA barcode study of Madagascar reptiles has uncovered 40 new species of snakes, skinks, chameleons and geckos. Read more

Dan Janzen honoured with BBVA Foundation award

Daniel Janzen, eminent tropical ecologist and champion of DNA barcoding, has received the 2011 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award for Ecology and Conservation Biology. Read more

DNA links habitat quality to bats’ diet

Barcoding organisms found in the guano of little brown bats has allowed scientists to reconstruct the environment supporting these elusive creatures. Read more . . .

Barcoders welcome newrules for shipping specimens

The DNA barcoding community is welcoming the news that natural history specimens shipped via commercial air will no longer be classified as “dangerous goods.” Read more…

iBOL, CBD pledge to work together towards common goals

Barcodes help identify new bee found in downtown Toronto

Peter Freeman appointedExecutive Director of iBOL

Dr. Peter Freeman has taken up his new post as Executive Director of the International Barcode of Life Consortium. He will be based at the iBOL Secretariat in Guelph, Ontario. Read more…


Changes announced at iBOL
Governance streamlined; cost recovery for sequencing Recent ...Read more
Enviro Outreach 2012 targets invasive species
Toyota expedition’s third barcode blitz in South Afric...Read more



For Scientists

Darwin’s butterflies?
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For Enthusiasts

Beauty on the front porch
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