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MEXBOL Meeting

From November 23 to 25, 2015, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México will host the third meeting of the MEXBOL network.   Read more

Will barcodes find the potato beetle’s archnemesis?

A USDA entomologist is barcoding the gut contents of insect predators to identify the Colorado potato beetle’s worst nightmare. Read more

Barcoders target the terrible tsetse

The Barcode Bulletin newsletter reports on the Kenyan researchers who are using DNA barcodes in the battle against an African scourge. Read the Barcode Bulletin

Barcoding South Africa’sbiodiversity hotspots

South African and Canadian researchers are planning a 17-day expedition to document animal and plant species in the Succulent Karoo and other South African biodiversity hot spots. Read more…


Changes announced at iBOL
Governance streamlined; cost recovery for sequencing Recent ...Read more
Enviro Outreach 2012 targets invasive species
Toyota expedition’s third barcode blitz in South Afric...Read more



For Scientists

Research roundup
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For Enthusiasts

Beauty on the front porch
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