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Enviro Outreach 2012 targets invasive species

Toyota expedition’s third barcode blitz in South Africa This year’s Toyota Enviro Outreach begins April 15 at the Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve and will run until April 27. The fleet of specially equipped Toyota 4WD vehicles will take researchers to several reserves in the western Cape region where they will collect specimens from a broad range […]

South African barcoders head for the wetlands

Toyota Enviro Outreach rides again The second iBOL edition of South Africa’s Toyota Enviro Outreach program – 20 scientists and support staff in a fleet of eight specially equipped vehicles – set out from the Johannesburg International Motor Show October 8 on an 12-day off-road odyssey to collect plant and animal samples for DNA barcoding. […]

African partnership initiative launched

Bringing together barcode researchers and users Triangle Barcoding Partnerships for Africa (TBPA) brings together biodiversity research institutes and potential users of DNA barcodes to create barcoding laboratories in Africa. The TBPA initiative’s first task is to identify partner institutions that are committed to becoming active barcoding research centers and support their efforts to identify high-priority […]

South Africa

Regional Node National Organization South Africa Node of the International Barcode of Life (SA-iBOL) SSC Representative Paul Skelton South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity SSC Alternate Michelle van der Bank University of Johannesburg Node Coordinator Michelle Hamer South Africa National Biodiversity Institute Goals To establish a node of iBOL in South Africa to ensure that […]

Paul Skelton

South Africa representative Managing Director, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, Grahamstown Web: Profile Email:

Paul Bartels

South Africa alternate Manager, Wildlife Biological Research Center, Pretoria, South Africa Web: Profile Email:


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Enviro Outreach 2012 targets invasive species
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