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Norway’s taxonomy initiativeyields impressive results

Major boost for barcoding and species discovery Just two years after the launch of the Norwegian Taxonomy Initiative (NTI), the multi-million dollar effort is not only giving a major boost to DNA barcoding but also revealing surprising levels of undocumented diversity among the country’s insect fauna. All projects funded through NTI are required to sample […]

Christian Brochmann

Vice-Chair, WG2.1 – Paleobarcoding National Centre for Biosystematics Natural History Museum University of Oslo, Norway Web:


Regional Node National Organization: Norwegian Barcode of Life network (NorBOL)   ISCC Representative and Network Coordinator Torbjørn Ekrem NTNU University Museum Norwegian University of Science and Technology Email:   ISCC Alternate and Vice-Coordinator Inger Greve Alsos Tromsø University Museum University of Tromsø Email:   Goals • Make Norway a significant contributor to the global effort […]

Jan Lifjeld

Norway representative Professor, National Centre for Biosystematics, Natural History Museum University of Oslo, Oslo Web: Profile Email:

Torbjørn Ekrem

Norway alternate Chair, WG1.10 – Polar Life Associate Professor, NTNU Museum of Natural History & Archeology, Trondheim, Norway Web: Profile Email:


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