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FinBOL gets off to a fast start

Expanding its network and funding Launched less than a year ago, Finland’s iBOL Node, the Finnish Barcode of Life initiative (FinBOL), has generated impressive momentum with a rapidly expanding network and funding success. The FinBOL network now includes more than 130 experts and three major university museums – the Zoological Museum at University of Oulu, […]


National Node National Organization Finnish Barcode of Life (FINBOL) SSC Representative Marko Mutanen University of Oulu SSC Alternate Helena Korpelainen University of Helsinki Goals To make Finland the first nation to DNA barcode its eukaryotic species, including all animals, plants and fungi occurring in Finland. – To create DNA barcodes for 20,000 Finnish species and […]

Marko Mutanen

Finland representative Department of Biology, University of Oulu, Finland Web: Research group Email:  


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