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Adelaide spotlight on biosecurity

Conference session to showcase latest research The latest research into using DNA barcoding to enhance biosecurity will be in the spotlight in the Barcoding for Biosecurity session at the fourth International Barcode of Life Conference in Adelaide in November. Click photo to enlarge   The session will highlight the regulatory, social, political and technical impediments […]

Boom time for DNA barcoding

Huge interest in Adelaide conference The Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference, to be held in Adelaide from November 28 to December 3, has smashed records for the number of abstracts submitted by potential presenters. When submissions closed on June 30, a grand total of 487 abstracts had been received from 57 countries. ‚ÄúThis has […]

4th International Barcode of Life Conference

Adelaide, South Australia Venue: University of Adelaide. The Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL) has announced that the Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, in November, 2011. The event will be hosted by the University of Adelaide. Information from Dr. Andrew Lowe, Conference Chair, will be made […]

Andrew Mitchell

Australia representative Integrative Systematist, Entomology, Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia Web: Profile Email:


Regional Node National Organization Australian Barcode of Life Network (ABOLN) SSC Representative Andrew Mitchell Australian Museum SSC Alternate Andrew Lowe University of Adelaide Goals The Australian Barcode of Life Network (ABOLN) has been established to promote and develop DNA barcoding and its applications in Australia. The Network is an informal affiliation of individuals and organisations […]

Andrew Lowe

Australia alternate Professor, Plant Conservation BiologyUniversity of Adelaide, Adelaide   Web: Profile Email:

Andrew Miller


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