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GlobalBarcode Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 2 – July 2011


Barcode Bulletin - July 2011

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Tracking the tsetse fly with DNA
Barcoders are hot on the trail of the notorious disease vector.

Boom time for barcoding
Record numbers of researchers vie for a spot in Adelaide.

Norway’s taxonomy initiative yields impressive results
Government-funded project boosts barcoding and species discovery.

Collecting fishes in remote rural Malawi
A crowd gathers to see iBOL-IDRC postdoc in action.

Pakistan project generates 5K barcodes in 1st year
More than 1,300 important insect species are covered.

NSF award to involve students in iBOL
Young barcoders explore the kelp beds of northern California.

Adelaide spotlight on biosecurity
How barcoding can protect agriculture, human health.

GBIF welcomes iBOL as new member
Putting the genomics into the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

The Barcode Blog: Clams open up
The largest ever DNA barcode analysis of marine bivalves finds a big role for barcodes in clam identification.

Research Roundup
Read some recent publications on DNA barcoding.


Changes announced at iBOL
Governance streamlined; cost recovery for sequencing Recent ...Read more
Enviro Outreach 2012 targets invasive species
Toyota expedition’s third barcode blitz in South Afric...Read more



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