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The Australian Barcode of Life Network (ABOLN) has been established to promote and develop DNA barcoding and its applications in Australia. The Network is an informal affiliation of individuals and organisations across Australia involved in or interested in the use of DNA barcoding.

The ABOLN Steering Committee (ABOLNSC) and the Network acknowledge the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Australian Museum, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario and Ontario Genomics Institute and will work to establish a regional barcoding node in Australia, consistent with this MOU and the objectives of the International Barcode of Life project (iBOL) and the Consortium of the Barcode of Life (CBOL).

The ABOLN Steering Committee provides a coordinating role on behalf of the Network in order to:
• Establish and maintain the Australian Barcode of Life Network (ABOLN)
• Inform the Network members about DNA barcoding initiatives, support, conferences and other such activities;
• Provide advice on meeting DNA barcoding standards;
• Establish and coordinate various means of communicating across the Network, including development of a web presence and a regular newsletter;
• Provide a coordination function on behalf of the Network for the following:
– Lobbying governments higher education, business and allied industries,
– Providing submissions on key issues relating to barcoding, and
– Providing information to media outlets relating to barcoding.
• Identify funding opportunities and coordinate funding bids on behalf of the Network;
• Organise conferences, workshops or training in relation to DNA barcoding, subject to available resources.



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