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GlobalAfrican partnership initiative launched


Bringing together barcode researchers and users

Triangle Barcoding Partnerships for Africa (TBPA) brings together biodiversity research institutes and potential users of DNA barcodes to create barcoding laboratories in Africa.

The TBPA initiative's first task is to identify partner institutions that are committed to becoming active barcoding research centers and support their efforts to identify high-priority projects with tangible, near-term benefits and the potential to become self-sustaining.

The three sides of each partnership "triangle" are:
– A partner institution - e.g. a museum, herbarium, research institute, international research organization. government or industrial lab - and its iBOL Node that will provide facilities, lab space, technical staff and links to taxonomic collections and/or field research programs that produce collections of specimens for research.
– An identified user community - e.g. government regulators, law enforcement organizations, commercial companies, international conventions or commissions - that needs the ability to identify biological specimens using DNA barcodes. And
The International Barcode of Life project (iBOL) and the Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL) working together to provide guidance through the planning process, assistance in designing a suitable barcoding operation, experienced barcoding professionals for on-site training, collaboration in developing funding proposals and ongoing technical support.

How to participate in TBPA

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