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GlobalScientific Steering Committee


The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) is the principal mechanism for making critical decision about the research direction of the iBOL Project. The SSC meets annually to assist and advise project participants, the Scientific Director and the Executive Director in achieving project objectives.

SSC membership reflects two stakeholder constituencies - its participating countries, or Nodes and its Working Groups, with two representatives from each iBOL Node and the chairs and vice-chairs of the 20 iBOL Working Groups.

At its meeting in September 2010, the SSC approved the formation of an executive subcommittee (ESC)to act on its behalf in identifying and initiating action on priorities that arise between annual meetings of the full SSC.

Central Nodes
Canada Gary Saunders - representative (& chair WG1.8)
Laurence Packer - alternate (& chair WG1.6)
China Ya-ping Zhang - representative
Da-Wei Huang - alternate
United States George Amato - representative
Keith Crandall - alternate
Regional Nodes
Argentina Pablo Tubaro - representative (& WG1.1 lead on global birds)
Juan Diaz de Astarloa - alternate
Australia Andrew Mitchell - representative
Andrew Lowe - alternate
Brazil Eduardo Eizirik - representative
Fabricio Santos - alternate
India Wazir Lakra - representative
Gulab Khedkar - alternate
Mexico Manuel Elias-Gutierrez - representative
Patricia Escalante - alternate
New Zealand Ian Hogg - representative (& vice-chair WG1.7)
Peter Smith - alternate
Norway Jan Lifjeld - representative
Torbjørn Ekrem - alternate (& chair WG1.10)
Russia Yuri Kartavtsev - representative
Natalia Abramson - alternate
Saudi Arabia Yousef S. Al-Hafedh - representative
South Africa Paul Skelton - representative
Paul Bartels - alternate
National Nodes
Colombia Mauricio Linares - representative
Silvia Restrepo - alternate
Costa Rica Daniel Janzen - representative
Jesus Ugalde - alternate
Finland Marko Mutanen - representative
Helena Korpelainen - alternate
France Jean-Yves Rasplus - representative
Line Le Gall - alternate
Germany Wolfgang Waegele - representative
Axel Hausmann - alternate
Kenya Daniel Masiga - representative (& chair WG1.4) 
Helida Oyieke - alternate
Korea Won Kim - representative
Chang-Bae Kim - alternate
Madagascar Brian Fisher - representative
Rajemison Balsama - alternate
Netherlands Pedro Crous - representative (& chair WG1.3)
Freek Bakker - alternate (& chair WG2.2)
Panama Eldredge Bermingham - representative (& chair WG1.1)
Oris Sanjur - alternate
Papua New Guinea Amanda Mararuai - representative
Scott Miller - alternate
Peru Thomas Valqui - representative
Gisella Orjeda - alternate
Portugal Filipe Costa - representative
Cristiane Bastos-Silveira - alternate
Spain Miguel Arnedo - representative
Salvador Carranza - alternate
United Kingdom Peter Hollingsworth - representative (& chair WG1.2)
Alfried Vogler - alternate


1. DNA Barcode Library
WG1.1 - Vertebrates Eldredge Bermingham - chair
George Amato - vice-chair
WG1.2 - Plants Peter Hollingsworth - chair
De-Zhu Li - vice-chair
WG1.3 - Fungi Pedro Crous - chair
Keith Seifert - vice-chair
WG1.4 - Animal Parasites,
Pathogens and Vectors
Daniel Masiga - chair
WG1.5 - Agricultural and Forestry
Pests and Parasitoids
Robert Foottit - chair
Jean-Yves Rasplus - vice-chair
WG1.6 - Pollinators Laurence Packer - chair
Fernando Silveira - vice-chair
WG1.7 - Freshwater
Bernard Sweeney - chair
Ian Hogg - vice-chair
WG1.8 - Marine
Gary Saunders - chair
WG1.9 - Terrestrial
Daniel Janzen - chair
Brian Fisher - vice-chair
WG1.10 - Polar Life Torbjørn Ekrem - chair
Peter Smith - vice-chair
WG1.11 - Barcoding Biotas Christopher Meyer - chair
Sarah Adamowicz - vice-chair
2. Methods and Technologies
WG2.1 - Methods and Technologies  
3. Informatics
WG3.1 - Core Functionality Paul Hebert - chair
Sujeevan Ratnasingham
- vice-chair
WG3.2 - Mirrors Juncai Ma - chair
Vincent Robert - vice-chair
4. Coordination
WG4.1 - Coordination  
6. GE3LS
WG5.1 - Equitable Use of
Genetic Resources
Tania Bubela - chair
WG5.2 - Regulation of
International Trade
Peter Phillips - chair
WG5.3 - I.P. and Knowledge Management Richard Gold - chair
WG5.4 - Education Initiatives
for Schools/Media
David Secko - chair
WG5.5 - Governance of
Knowledge Mobilization
David Castle - chair


Executive Subcommittee of the SSC

Peter Hollingsworth - Theme 1: Barcode Library (Chair)
Mark Stoeckle - Theme 2: Methods and Technologies
Vincent Robert - Theme 3: Informatics
David Schindel - Theme 4: Administration
David Castle - Theme 5: GE3LS
Paul Hebert
Peter Freeman



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