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Funding Awarded to BIO

The Biodiversity Institute of Ontario received funding through the Ontario Research Fund’s Research Excellence program to support DNA barcoding efforts.   Read more

June Barcode Bulletin

Check out the latest issue of the Barcode Bulletin which highlights initiatives in DNA barcoding research, applications and education.   View newsletter

CEO Appointed for BIO

With a background in business development and commercialization, the University of Guelph has appointed Dr. Mario Thomas as CEO for the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.   Read more

Recognizing Innovation

DNA barcoding has been recognized as a game-changing breakthrough by the Council of Ontario Universities.   Read more

4 Million Barcodes

BOLD surpasses another mark. More than 4 Million DNA barcode sequences for over 400,000 species are now available.    Read more

Barcodes Enforce Wildlife Law

DNA barcoding conducted at the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding provided evidence in a case of carved elephant ivory tusks ceased by Environment Canada.   Read more

Barcoding Herbal Supplements

DNA barcoding reveals widespread contamination and substitution in store-brand herbal supplements, leading to an investigation of four national retailers in the United States.   Read more

Funding Awarded to BIO

The Biodiversity Institute of Ontario received funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s Major Science Initiatives program to support DNA barcoding efforts.   Read more

Barcoding in Peru

In a recent radio interview, Peruvian researchers discuss the training they received at BIO and drawing on this experience to launch a national DNA barcoding campaign.   Listen here

Call for Training Nominations

Nominations are invited for a training course in DNA barcoding, focusing on the detection and monitoring of invasive species.   Read more


Changes announced at iBOL
Governance streamlined; cost recovery for sequencing Recent ...Read more
Enviro Outreach 2012 targets invasive species
Toyota expedition’s third barcode blitz in South Afric...Read more



For Scientists

Barcoding Bibliography
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For Enthusiasts

Beauty on the front porch
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